About Us

Saint Loan is pleased to set another standard for the loaning business.
We take a gander at the whole individual, not only their financial assessment, with advances customized to each credit circumstance.

We need you to realize this is a congregational association that is set up to help each one of those that are in budgetary troubles.

We enable great individuals get better Loans

We need you to realize that we are a private credit loaning organization funded by a congregational association who gives out advance to individual / member of the public all over the world at a financing cost of only 2%, we likewise need you to realize that we have branches in 4 nations including, South Africa, Germany, Nigeria and our head office is situated in California, USA.

We offer from a minimum amount of 5000 and a maximum amount of the loan is the following
500,000,000.00 Currency: US Dollar, Europe and Great British Pound (GBP)‚ÄčAnd also in other domination‚Äč.
This loan transaction deal is 100% done online and it involves the transfer of funds through bank to bank process.
Our loan offer duration is 1-25 years
so when your loan is affirmed by the Organization / Company Board of Transfer, it will take under 24 hours for you to get your loan moved to you in which ever way you require it. we exchange loan to clients by bank to bank, by western union and Money gram, and by courier delivery service.
Furthermore, we are the main group that enables people to take control of their own advance.
By meeting various achievable objectives, you can procure credits that decrease the cost of your advance while you pay it back. Each Saint Loan advance highlights reasonable and straight-forward terms and support with world-class client benefit, including simple to-utilize online instruments and assets.

Our Team
CEO Rahel Cohran

Saint Loan is comprised of individuals from a wide range of foundations having a wide cluster of gifts. Be that as it may, there's one thing we as a whole have in like manner: an enthusiasm for helping individuals..
There are a lot of money related choices today. There are many banks and credit organizations. They need to make the best advance offer for you. So you start to ponder: "What credit rating do I have to meet all requirements for a credit from this administration?" The appropriate response is basic with our online organization - we don't put confines on you. Regardless of what score you have, you can simply present an application.
We can't ensure you'll be affirmed, yet we do ensure to attempt to locate an impeccable bank coordinate on the web. Getting individual advances for individuals with terrible credit is the thing that we go for. We need all buyers to have the capacity to get cash online when and how they need. Along these lines, in the event that you have a poor financial assessment, simply get our awful credit advances at the present time!